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Jumat, 06 Juni 2008

(series) Gossip Girl season 1

I am not a big fan of the book, I can't get through Cecily von Ziegesar's writing style, unfortunately. However, this show is one I can hardly wait for. Bought the DVDs at once and devoured it immediately.

All the characters come to live, exactly as I pictured them, especially Blair (by the beautiful Leighton Meester who successfully adopts Blair's selfishness and bitchiness perfectly, even her insecurities), Chuck, and Dan. At first I wasn't too fond of Serena (Blake Lively is great in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but I never considered her as Serena), Jenny (Taylor Momsen is too skinny and too pretty for her, Jenny is supposed to be plain, big chested and innocent.. but the Jenny here is wicked and gorgeous), and Nate. But in the end I really like all of them! :)

The end of season 1 is left hanging.. not sure what to expect for season 2. They also changed various parts of the book, such as Erik (Serena's brother), etc.

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