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Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

(book) The Lover's Dictionary

The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan
Date read: 29 June 2011

Me likey!

My first time reading Levithan's book is not a disappointment at all. This book contains little entries, fascinating though very ordinary everyday stuffs. The best thing is that each of them is filled with such rawness, tenderness, and honesty that we can all relate, even though the story is entirely the narrator's own. I have no idea one can write with such fluency and grace, and tell a story of two lovers from the point of view of the man, without really talking about anything but at the same time talking about everything there is about a relationship. I mean, we don't even know their names, what they do, how old they are, where they met. It's all important things that become unnecessary in this book. Though it's actually a novel, it reads like a diary.

And that's the best thing about this book. Quick read, but a lasting impression. Kudos.

Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Summer reading 2011

My summer reading list! Haven't made a reading list in months :-) been busy with stuffs, so I can't spare much time for reading. Will make up for it once my schedule winds down for a bit. So, my Amazon package has arrived, which contain books in the above picture....

Sarah Dessen's latest YA: What Happened to Goodbye. Can't miss this one, already hooked by the first chapter preview. I collect everything written by Dessen, as well as everything by Banana Yoshimoto (the translated version), which leads us to...

Her latest book The Lake. This is supposed to be mysterious, like her other books, and the sales of this book is donated to the Japan quake victims.

Dave Levithan's The Lover's Dictionary. Look how cute the cover and the title are. I'm new to his writing, despite it being so popular (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, etc). But this one, I just can't resist.

Suzanne Collin's Catching Fire and Mockingjay, the sequels to the Hunger Games book in the trilogy. Love!!! I hope the second and third books are as good as the first one. It reminds me of the addictive Twilight read years ago.

I still have Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl on my Bookstalkers June reading list (which I read till page 5, got bored quickly, and haven't had the time or mood to flip more.. and it's a week till reading deadline).

For now I'm keeping it real, so just 4 books for summer reading. What's yours?

*I do want to read Sisterhood Everlasting though, but book's not yet available here, and I missed pre order on Amazon*

Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

(movie review) I am number four

Fresh theme in its genre, which is young adult fantasy. Perhaps we've all been used to wonderland and Narnia-themed movies.. but an alien living in the human world is quite original. I was disappointed in the execution, though. Choppy dialogue and unfunny lines that were supposed to be funny. Scenes were often cut short, left hanging in inappropriate moments. Climax was pretty good, but not as good as it should be. The first half was so bland and sleepy except for the scary moments (i.e. Number Three captured and killed). I was most disappointed in the acting department - the movie itself wasn't short of popular actors. Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron, in particular, barely had any chemistry. I kept seeing Quinn in Agron's performance, as much as I wanted to let it go.

One thing that's good about the movie is perhaps Number Six, kick-ass gurl with fireproof ability. She, too, was given ridiculous lines, and her glorious scenes were often chopped mid-music. I really liked her though, I hope she's given more screen time in the sequel, because she really lighted up every scene :)

One thing that's nice about this movie is the soundtrack. Full of mellow songs that made the movie look a tad bit like an indie film, and I loved that. Oh, I just realized James Frey was writing the book, with a pseudonym. Cool! I'm not sure I'm hooked enough to read the book, but let's see.

Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

First post in June

Whoah, nggak nyangka udah sebulan lebih sejak terakhir posting blog di sini. Sorry for the long delay! What's up with me lately? Pertama, sibuk pindahan ke rumah baru. I'm finally leaving the apartment, and have a bigger crib for my books and stuffs :D I really really miss the old apartment though, there's something so secure and comfy about sliding in and out of elevators, into a small warm space we call our own.

Lalu, saya juga sibuk menulis buku baru. Sudah 90% selesai dan hanya butuh editing, give me a month and I think it'll be done. Kali ini adalah proyek yang sama sekali beda dengan apa yang selalu saya tulis - akan jadi surprise tersendiri buat pembaca :) EXCITED! Sedangkan, satu novel yang judulnya masih tentatif sudah ada di tangan penerbit dan editor di Gagas Media, sedang dalam proses untuk diterbitkan. Yang ini berupa novella alias novel pendek, semi-romance, galau dan mellow *hahaha*. So, 2 new books coming up! Ditunggu, ya :-) I'm really trying to work things out perfectly.

Oh ya, kalau kalian notice sesuatu yang beda tentang blog ini.. yes I've modified the layout. Bukan hanya backgroundnya.. walau saya akui, selama ini saya terlalu malas untuk mengubah dan membongkar isi blog ini. Dan, susah melakukannya di laptop saya, karena ada beberapa program yang belum terinstall. For the last hour I've been trying to work out the elements of this blog.. termasuk mengubah font-nya (jadi lucu banget!), warna background-nya (masih dominasi abu-abu, putih dengan sedikit sentuhan pink ngejreng), dan membetulkan bagian kanan blog tempat tools dan widget dari berbagai sumber. I've added my fave quotes and book montage selection yang me-refresh secara random.. meng-update songs on my iPod dan current cravings.. membuat semua foto buku menjadi sama besar (yes I've been largely bothered by the different image sizes), dan merapikan layout agar enak dibaca oleh semua pengunjung website ini. I even matchedd the Twitter layout with the blog color theme. Hehe. A miss mix and match at heart. Maaf ya bagi para pengunjung blog yang nggak nyaman dengan keadaan blog sebelumnya. I'm making it up to you guys right now :)

It's time to get back to work now. So, have a nice Wednesday, fellow bloggers! I couldn't have done it all without you guys.. karena saya baru sadar betapa banyak pembaca dan kalian semua yang terinspirasi ingin menjadi penulis, dan membaca buku saya dan memberi dukungan terbesar dari hati :) thank you, sungguh.

Because I strongly believe that the best writer inspires her readers, and I'm glad I could inspire something inside all of you too.