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Selasa, 21 April 2009

Writing is...

... like a relationship
you either love it or hate it
it makes you either deliriously happy, or miserable
you want to be in it, or best be without it

it requires effort and love
in the end it becomes a habit
it also takes commitment

since it has become more of a commitment than I could take right now
I'm taking it slow, one step at a time
because a novel has proven to be bigger than I thought I could handle
I'm starting with short stories instead

(I happen to have a rather large collection of unfinished short stories that go limp without endings, so every evening after work, I'm gonna listen to My Vintage Romance and edit it one by one).

I know I might not be able to finish everything, not to mention finding a solution to those loose endings.. but I'll work on it.

I promise myself that.

4 komentar:

patsy mengatakan...

Wina, just reading your blog has inspired me to write again. :) Thanks for this poem !

Ribkha mengatakan...

bener :)

elnino's blog mengatakan...

thank's for the blog...

Winna Efendi mengatakan...

I am glad it's inspiring :)