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Senin, 09 November 2009

Months After

Soo.. what's up with me?

Haven't been online for nearly weeks. Been busy with this new project, which turns out pretty well because next month my fourth book will hit the stores. It's the latest installment to a series by Gagas Media, my beloved publisher.

Other things that revolve around my life lately are work, work, work. I'm more immersed in my job lately.

A lot has changed. Not just my relationship status. Not just matters of the heart, dreams, obsessions, needs and desires. Not just my personality. EVERYTHING changes - my life changes, hopefully to the better.

Overall, I am doing okay. I am happy. I am alive.

It feels good to be back :) how are you guys?

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JooLee mengatakan...

Love yours Unbelievable, untuk novel kamu yang lain belum baca. Muga-muga nanti ada kesempatan untuk membeli yang lain. I like your writing.

Oiya, Unbeliveable sudah saya resensi di http://metropop-lover.blogspot.com