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Jumat, 17 September 2010

Day 9: photos that I took

I've been neglecting this blog for weeks, both intentionally and unintentionally. Been really busy these couple of weeks, so I apologize for any unreplied messages, ignored posts and unresponsive behavior of any kind.

Regarding my MEME challenge, yes I haven't been able to continue writing. Therefore rather than not finishing what I've started, I think I'll begin again, slowly this time. Whenever I have the time, I'll continue my MEME journals.

The next topic on the list is a photo that I took. I haven't taken lots of pictures recently, and I am not a very good photographer, even if I do enjoy photography and art. I've been on a trip to Taiwan recently, so I'll be posting some pictures that I took with my phone.

This is Shihlin Night Market, one of the most popular night markets in Taipei. A friend, Jean, told me that there are three popular night markets there, one famous for food (Gongguan, if I'm not mistaken), one famous for little knick knacks (Shihlin), and another famous for fashion.

Even though I only have one night to spend in Taipei, and I'd rather spend hours on an Eslite bookstore (where they film Au Revoir Taipei), I enjoyed Shihlin night market a lot. It was such fun to be on an overcrowded street, blending in with both locals and tourists. The smell of street stall food was in the air - we could have one of those red sticky round candies, or hot thick paste squid noodle soup. We could have barbecued beef or chicken or pork with sauce, and finish them off with refreshing frog eggs drinks (don't worry, they're not really frog eggs).

Shihlin Night Market consisted of long streets with lots of stores; trendy Korean style clothing, street stalls selling anything you could possibly think of, candies, snacks, food stalls.. it was so much fun roaming around, and the price range varied from downright cheap to really expensive.

The crowd started from around 6 in the evening and subsided when it got closer to 9 or 10. The market opened till midnight though, and it was such a hip place that everyone looked so trendy :)

Bargains: I got a French lounge music CD for only 2 bucks, some snacks and mouth watering food (loved the stinky tofu), a solar lucky cat stand, and my mom got a lime colored blouse.

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