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Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011


Time for a yearly review!!

Things I did, saw and watched in 2010 that were quite memorable:

Glee (I've always sort of been a musical geek)
American Idol 2010 (I didn't like it. Didn't find it interesting)
Some really good movies.. Inception, amongst the list
Some really horrific ones.. Gulliver's Travel, I'm talking about you
Not publishing a book at all
Several failed attempts of writing new drafts
Finishing a novella
in the process of editing another one
Attending writing seminars and gatherings and events, nevertheless
Opening The U Coffee Bistro and Library
Getting quite active in Twitter and Facebook after abandoning it for so long
Meeting my best friend again after 6 years
Following drama reviews instead of watching them

lots of things I need to reflect on, focus on, improve on, move on from..

Things I look forward to in 2011:

America's Next Top Model cycle 15 though I already know the winner
Glee season 2
Junior Master Chef
my birthday in January
new blockbuster movies
new K-dramas: SIGN, Dream High and My Princess


for this year to help me shape up and become a better version of myself
learn from mistakes
be an adult
and have faith

Happy New Year, everyone!

2 komentar:

Dheril mengatakan...

salam kenal mbak winna. saya sudah membca novel mb Refrain. Hm, suka sekali. ceritanya yang mengalir dan seakan tak dibuat-buat..

saya menulis sedikit tentang novel mba,,silakan mampir ke halaman saya..^___^

Winna Efendi mengatakan...

Terima kasih Dheril :) senang sekali telah menulis ttg Refrain di blogmu. Aku akan mampir ya..