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Jumat, 12 Oktober 2007


When I'm actually writing here, I have no idea what to write.

Happy Idul Fitri to those who celebrate.

There are a couple of news I might share:

- I've finished (sort of) editing Ai. I edited most of the latter chapters and made a surprising change in the last one. Whoa. All thanks to my super friend Vilia, who has given me more insights and inspirations without complaining about how stressful I have been! :D

- I know who I will dedicate this second novel for. I am not sure if it is what publishers would like to publish though, a semi dark dramatic novel set in Japan, talking about death and the classic love triangle. But I had so much fun writing it, and it was a very very very BIG challenge for me. It made me squirm and get stressed while writing the second part for Ai. Writing for Sei was so much more easier, but writing for Ai was a totally different experience that I was left not knowing what to do. I hope it is not too dramatic.

- I dedicate my book to my grandfather. He is in the hospital right now, and I dont know what else I can do for him. So I write.

- Currently watching: Ima Ai ni Yukimasu. the best dorama I have ever watched, and I am not kidding. Will write reviews once I'm done.

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