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Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

2009: Lost and Found

2009 is a year when:

- I don't update my blogs as much as I'd like.
- I publish three novels in a row and get sick just as much because of the deadlines (and cheer three times louder when they hit the shelves).
- I go through an emotional turmoil.
- I grow a back bone and then some.
- I make adult decisions.
- I decide to go in search of myself and discover a lot of things in the process.
- I try to figure out what it is I want in life, relationships, career, and myself.
- I let other people know that what we expect is sometimes unexpected.
- I break hearts and get my heart broken over and over again.
but then trying to love like I've never been hurt before.
- I finally decide deadlines aren't worth it and that I need to create my own pace. Thus, the long absence and the break.
- I gain weight
and take up tennis lessons. and stop.
- I don't meet a lot of new people but maintain relationships with old friends.
- a year of change, both good and bad.
- I meet someone and fall in love hard.
- I say goodbyes.
but also hellos.
- I change.
and grow up.

It is time I say goodbye to 2009. Bittersweet moments - they will forever be memories.

2 komentar:

aLVi sYahRin mengatakan...

kurang satu... Buku "Refrain" termasuk buku laris..
*seminggu lalu, saya ke gramedia dan senang melihatnya...

Winna Efendi mengatakan...

Thanks, Alvi :)