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Jumat, 21 September 2012

(K-drama) Personal Taste

I don't often marathon K-dramas, as I mostly read recaps or watch one or two episodes and forget about them. The last drama I watched was White Christmas, and only because it was so short. I followed a couple of episodes of Vampire Prosecutor and Gaksital, which I loved, and Moon that Embraces the Sun. The rest is series I'm crazy about, such as Sherlock and Castle, and nothing else but a string of movies.

On some occasions though, I do follow a drama and watch it from start to finish, without knowing where it's going and not reading spoilers for the ending. Personal Taste is that drama for me this year. I'm a big fan of both leads - namely Son Ye Jin (whose movies and dramas I follow like a cult, and have a big girl-crush on for years), and Lee Min Ho (who caught my attention since Boys Before Flowers, and I do like his other dramas like City Hunter and Faith). Both of them are so adorable here. That's why I steer clear of the spoilers and one day on a whim just decided to watch the whole thing, taking an adventure.

I love the series. Despite its flaws, I feel happy to watch their journey and laugh and cry along with them. I don't like most of the angst because it's the fun and cute that make me really root for the main couple, but the angst is so wonderfully acted that they bring me close to tears. I like the performances, the writing and the directing. Everything looks so colorful, the posters are well made, the soundtrack is fun to listen to, and the jokes are funny. I especially like the dialogue, because often drama dialogue is made to be corny and romantic, but this one's just oozing hilarity and enhance the chemistry of the leads. Oh, and the fashion. Jin Ho always looks great, and Kae In's transformation is breathless but smooth.

Suffice to say, this is not a perfect drama. It's full of fluff, backstabbing, friendship, broken hearts, lies and relationships. But I love it for it. The best thing about Personal Taste is seeing how broken the characters are and go along with them on a journey, and be happy to see where it takes them and how they end up after. Most of all, it's a story about life and faith that everything is going to be alright.

I'm gonna miss the whole 16 episodes now that it's over.

Photo courtesy of pelangidrama.net, squidoo.com

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