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Senin, 07 Januari 2013

(series) Gossip Girl season 6

Gossip Girl, how I've missed you.

After more than three couple exchanges (Blair + Dan, Blair + Nate, Serena + Nate, Serena + Dan, Nate + Vanessa, Nate + Jenny, Chuck + Jenny, Dan + Vanessa, Chuck + Blair, et cetera), I was ready to get off the Gossip Girl train. However, after years of Gossip Girl's season 3, I kind of miss them a little. It's nice to watch a little series with just 10 episodes, no commitment, seeing all the characters I'm familiar with plus a dose of high fashion.

It's fun, definitely. A bit kooky, very high drama, and sometimes laughable. I still love the dialogue, but it's not as sharp and witty as before. The characters seem to have changed a little, while still retaining their flaws - Serena and her flightiness, Blair and her scheming ways, Nate and his naivette and inability to choose in a dilemma, Chuck and his whispering antics, minus Jenny whom I don't really care about.

The conflict this time lies in Bart Bass and for some reasons Blair and Chuck can't be together before they overcome 'this obstacle'. Nate is going out with Sage, the daughter of someone Serena's dating, and (spoiler), someone who had a one night stand with Serena's mother Lily. Wow. That kind of surprise keeps springing up on the viewer, but it's a jolly fun ride despite the craziness of the show.

I love the ending, knowing everyone's motive and who and how they end up. I won't say it's the best series ever, but it's great while it lasted, and I've enjoyed the series so much more than the book.

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