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Minggu, 16 Maret 2014

(book) How to Fall by Jane Casey

My first time reading a Jane Casey book, and the first time I actually read YA murder mystery :)

It's a pleasant experience, I have to say. The main character's hotheaded, stubborn streak can be a turn-off, but she compensates by being kind and logical and smart, I can't help liking her off the bat. Sure she can be insensitive and gets into trouble despite that cool logic of hers, but it's fun to watch her stir troubles and pokes her nose when she's unwanted.

The main conflict is complicated, but interesting. Did cousin Freya kill herself, or was she murdered? Sometimes I feel like I'm fonder of Freya than her doppelganger Jess, but as the story progresses it's clear that both are as different as night and day, and that having them both in the story makes me wish Freya's still alive to tell her story.

My favorite character is Petra, and Will. The romance and thriller go side by side, it is as mysterious as it is subtle, and that shows how brilliant the author is without putting obvious clues everywhere. I have a bit of trouble processing the ending and how the mystery is solved, as it does not make much sense that the sensible Jess is acting blindly on her own, though it helps to know that she can be so determined to her own detriments. I wish the climax could have been neater, that's all.

I'm looking forward to Bet Your Life, and can't wait to watch the next mystery unfold in Port Sentinel.

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