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Kamis, 03 April 2014

Beauty Stuffs from Luxola

It's been a while since I wrote fashion and beauty articles, or even lifestyle articles on and offline. I used to work as a part time journalist, filling columns for an in-house magazine and also a community called Fasity.com started by my good friend Vilia Ciputra.

I kinda miss it, actually.

Now that I have some new beauty products I just got from Luxola, I think this might be the perfect time to start doing so again.

Note: everything's purchased from Luxola.com, and images are taken from the website.

Zoeva Graphic Eyes + (Close to Heaven)

Rp. 87 000

This is one of my first purchases from Luxola, and having never heard of the brand Zoeva before, I was a little doubtful. But the price tag plus the flash sale discount eventually made me add this to my cart, and tried it as soon as it arrived.

The color is lilac - a little too bright for me, as when I wear it in daylight I look too made up and bright-eyed, like I'm going clubbing. With my fair skin, the shade pops out too much, so I don't think it's appropriate for everyday office-use. However, it'll look perfect for hangouts, parties and when I'm in the mood for a fun color.

The texture is super creamy and smooth, it glides so naturally on the eyelids and doesn't smudge when I blink too much or after a few hours use. Usually the waterproof liner I use disappears completely when I go back from work, even though I apply a generous amount in the morning.

Overall, an okay buy - but only because the color does not suit me too much. Everything else from quality to packaging is just lovely.

Crazy Rumors Bubblegum Lip Balm

Rp. 60 900

I'm a big fan of bubblegum flavor/scent, and I used to have this lip balm during my teenage years that smelled exactly like one, and I couldn't stop using it.

This one is vegan, and does not exactly taste like bubblegum, but indeed smells like one. The scent is not as strong as the one I used to have, but it was more natural-smelling. It helps hydrate my often dry lips, but has to be reapplied after some time.

The packaging is this cute little tube with soft pink colors - which is the main thing I love about this product. Very affordable, too. I don't seem to be able to find Vaseline or Banana Boat lip balms (which are the best and most hydrating, in my opinion) anymore, so this stays on the pouch in my everyday carry-all bag for easy use. There are also other yummy flavors/scents to try!

Zoeva Graphic Eyes + (Nude Reflection)

Rp. 87 000

This is the happiest make up purchase I've had in a long time. Out of the five products I purchased from Luxola, this one's the best.

I've raved about the packaging and texture of Zoeva Graphic Eyes+ before, but the color is what makes me want to collect all shades Zoeva has, which unfortunately are not available in Luxola and have to be purchased online from Germany.

The creamy shade looks amazing - it's nude but shimmery, therefore it pops and brightens the eyes. I have relatively small eyes that look tired without eyeliners, but as soon as my eyes get reflected by the light, they look made up without being excessively so, which is a good thing in my dictionary.

From first sight, I thought it'd be darker than the nude shade it mentioned it would be. But on first swatch, it just looked wonderful!

Will repurchase when mine runs out.

Laqa & Qo - Lil Lip Duo: Wolfman and Fairy Blood

Rp. 234 900

I'm ambivalent about lip products. On one hand I love pink shades on the lips, but don't actually wear lipsticks/glosses often. But as these come in tiny tubes, I thought I'd give them a try.

Out of the two, Fairy Blood suits me better. Wolfman is a pale pink shade that makes fair skin looks sickly and paler than it actually is, although I've seen it look beautiful on models who opt for a nude look. Fairy Blood is coral pink, and it does make my whole face look more alive instead of pale like it usually is.

The packaging is cute and tiny, with little tube sticks that look like kid crayons and can be tucked in the pouch of your bag to carry everywhere. When applied, the lipstick looks slightly chalky, although very easy to use. The texture is not as smooth as your average lipstick. Despite that, I find it to be quite moist and not very dry at all.

Might not repurchase, but a nice fit to add to my pink lipstick collections. Travel friendly. The price, not so much.

Maybelline Color Show: Shiny Beige Eyeliner 

Rp. 78 300

My last purchase of the day.

I'm a big fan of eyeliners, and I use them more often than shadows to make my eyes look more pronounced. That being said, I don't love deep dark colors so much, and I'm curious about the new nude shades.

However, the nude does not show that much when I applied it several times. I know that's the whole point of nude shade, but I expect it to brighten my eyes or at least look glowy.

I might be able to use it for the corners of my eyes for a subtle look, but that's about it.

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