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Kamis, 08 Januari 2009

My vampire type

I find this rather creative...

Fed up princess
Your father, the vampire that turned you, is the ruler of your Coven. That makes you a princess and, he hopes, the next ruler. But of course, you are subjected to intense training every day. You already feel POWERFUL, you have already pushed your human memories AWAY, you already run FASTER, can lift MORE, can see FARTHER, and you are, of course, more BEAUTIFUL than any other before you. But of course, you must be PERFECT. And can have no ties, no lovers. You can only feed from the best, you can't even play with your food first. You feel like doing something, every fiber of your being, every ounce of your vampire mind, wants to do something about this, NEEDS to do something. Didn't they know this would happen? One day the urgeto be FREE will be too much to contain, one day you will have to obay that urge. One day, SOON, you will KILL THEM ALL. Gladly.

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