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Sabtu, 24 Januari 2009

Weekend Me Time

Friday i'm still blue...

6 p.m. Went to visit my BFF Vie's house. Saw her two little kids Angel and Bryan. The boy was very much attached to me, even though I didn't visit often. He called me Tante Luna, even though I did not resemble the Luna Maya he saw on TV at all (har har har, you wish!).

9 p.m. Still there. Watched Barney and sang along to the songs with the little boy, watched him run around the house, sneaking grapefruits and chocolate cookies to everyone's hand. Felt a pang knowing how blessed this little family really was, and how happy they would be. I was happy for them.

11 p.m. Fell asleep feeling blue.

Saturday knowing I would be exhausted.

7 p.m. Woke up before the alarm hit, which was pretty rare. Forced my limbs to work and hoist me off the bed, forced my eyes open and my system to work again.

8 p.m. Had breakfast and was ready at the tennis court waiting for my friends.

9 p.m. Still clumsily swaying the racket during my first ever tennis lesson. Felt arm slightly sore. Knew I would suck at this game, much as I did at everything else.

10 p.m. Took a quick shower, drove with my parents to the mall. I needed cheering up, and cutting my hair for a second time that week. Dang.

11 p.m. Still no sign the queue would diminish soon. Walked around and browsed at the department stores. Fell in love with a few stuffs, walked four times to the dressing room to try them on, only walking out with one item to purchase.

1 p.m. Had my hair cut by my favorite stylist. Told her to chop the whole thing off coz I was sick of it. Then backed off when I saw the culprit of cut strands on the floor, and begged for the hair to be cut less severely. Stylist smiled and told me why did you change your mind. Had the best cut in a year. Hadn't felt this light and fresh before, with glossy tinted ash dye. Feeling less blue now.

2 p.m. Did my own manicure with ELF light pink polish. Did it twice, screwed two nails twice. Cleaned room, wrote on journal, read the latest edition of EVE magazine, fell asleep until boyfriend called to drop some things off.

7 p.m. Had dinner, browsed online. Watched Paprika.

I haven't had a me-time in a while. It's quite relaxing.

9 p.m. I knew I had a good time. But.. somehow I still wish you were here doing our rituals with me ;)

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