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Minggu, 15 Maret 2009

Am I Passionate?

You define passion for yourself

Key Traits: self-effacing, no-nonsense, outgoing, active, private, selective You're big on "chemistry." You either share it with someone or you don't, and there's no in between. Others can really tell you have a zest for life. As a result of this, you tend to be outgoing and friendly in social settings and many would consider you the life of the party. Deep down inside though, you're actually very reserved when it comes to your true feelings. With the right person or situation, the real romantic in you starts to emerge. You don't appreciate huge public displays of affection. When you're really into someone, you prefer your feelings to be kept just between you two, as it is more special that way. It's that significant person in your life who truly knows just how passionate you can be. As for every one else, well, what they don't know can't hurt them.

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