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Minggu, 15 Maret 2009

Night Music

A blog post from March 3, 2009

: is the title of my third, and latest novella
: tells the story of three high school teenagers; Nata, Niki and Annalise
: is about dream, the present, the past and the future, love and true friendships

: was first written nearly a year ago
: edited and finished around two months ago
: is going to be published soon *fingers crossed, as always* - got a call this morning!!! yay.

: makes me happy
: is probably the one novel that makes me really fall in love with the characters

: it makes me wonder.. what should I write next? I've been idle for nearly eight weeks, yet I'm still enjoying my grace period. I always allow a long break after the completion of every book.
: sigh. I will definitely start writing my fourth soon.
: I already know what it's called :)

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