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Minggu, 15 Maret 2009

Embracing Change

A blog post from March 4, 2009

Recently there are major changes in our office, from new and resigning staffs, rearranging of departments, new heads, new rules. Even my own little department is undergoing subtle change, finally, after major blowups here and there that left me devastated, and partially hurt.

The thing is, people don't like change. People love their puddles of comfort zone, seeing the same people everyday, eating lunch at the exact same time, going home through the same routine. I, too, am the same. In fact, I went through so much change from the 1998's, moving homes, changing countries, schools, languages, friends. It was a major construction of life. And then in 2000 I had to do it over again, and once more in 2004. It was exhausting, and a part of me kept having to pick up the pieces the rest of me left.

The only constant is change. Perhaps, we should make peace with it. I am trying to do that, a little at a time. Slowly, I welcome change without drastic measures (even if it is drastic, what choice do I have but to cope with it?). After all, good change is good for you, right?

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