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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

(book) Before I Fall

I'm new to Lauren Oliver's books, and this is the first I've read since I heard so many rave reviews about it, and YA bookclub on GoodReads chose it for February read. I was late in obtaining a copy, but it was worth the read.

I was gripped right from the very first chapter. It's about Samantha Kingston (love the name, sounds so posh), who dies on her way home from a party, and wakes up the next day reliving her last day. I guess it's no spoiler because the synopsis mentions that she relives it seven times.

It got a bit boring somewhere in the middle because of so many details, so many repeated occurrences, even though some were altered according to Sam's choices. I also didn't get what she needed to do at first, like Sam herself didn't know what to do, and understood that her initial response was gladness that she thought it was all just a dream, and then tried to repair whatever it was she needed to do without knowing what it actually was, and eventually got so angry because she still messed it all up. Slowly, though, she (and us readers) started getting the depth of the story, some untold secrets, the dark side of the characters, and that was when I found the magic of this book.

Nearing the end, it was almost impossible to put down. The ending was a little shocking, because it was never what we expected it to be. But it all made perfect sense, somehow, and I thought about it long after I put it down. Haunting, beautiful, despite its flaws. And yes, I describe mellow books/movies I love with the words haunting and beautiful, every single time.

I think the whole idea is pretty genius. What would make more sense is that Sam should at least try to tell somebody about the whole thing, because it wasn't just logical that she didn't tell anyone. And despite a lot of people hating on Lindsay and the rest of the girls, I felt like I understood them, and that was what Lauren Oliver succeeded in doing - for making everything seem real, and for us to sympathize with and understand the characters.

3/5 stars.

Look forward to Delirium!

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