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Senin, 12 September 2011

(manga) Kimi ni Todoke/From Me to You/Reaching You

Stumbled across this one on Book Depository and went straight for manga scans at mangareader.net. It has complete volumes till vol 59, to be continued.

The story revolves around a high school girl named Kuronuma Sawako, whose gloomy appearance and hair style resembles Sadako from the Ring movie franchise, earning her the nickname and the rumors that she can see ghosts. She's very ordinary and sweet, actually, but always has a difficulty expressing herself. On the first day of high school she encounters a popular cheerful Kazehaya Shouta, and from that moment on he befriends her despite her unpopularity. It is when she starts breaking out of her shell and befriends Yano and Yoshida, and also a couple of others.

The story is more of a self-discovery, coming of age, high school troubles, friendship and relationship kind of story.. it has a rather slow pace and great characterizations and beautiful drawing. If you like Bokura Ga Ita, My First Boyfriend or similar kind of piece-of-life manga, you'll probably love this one as well. It's so simple there's barely any conflicts, but once the conflicts arise - boy, they are good and heart wrenching.

My favorite character is Yano-chin :) each character is beautifully distinct, flawed but so fun to know that we feel each heartbreak, each emotion and grow to love every character there is. It's a good thing that everyone is three dimensional, especially the almost-antagonists that have depth and are given a chance to grow, such as Kurumi, Kento and Pin.

I'm going to watch the anime and live action movie soon!

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woaahh.. love kimi ni todoke too!! I like the anime better thou, but the live action is as sweet as you can expect.. hehe

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