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Sabtu, 19 November 2011

(book) Where She Went

review : 4/5 stars.

I wasn't sold on If I Stay, but with this one, I am. Totally.

If I Stay wins best cover every single time, though. At first I was doubtful whether I'd like this one, since I'm not in love with the prequel.. but I'm glad I've decided to give it a chance. I might not like Mia all that much, but I do love Adam. He's sensitive, he's gentle, and he's a big softie. I like the fact that they're both adults now, zoom in three years later and fast forward - now look where they are and how they're doing. It's nice to see the aftermath of everything else, and how each is dealing with their own loss.

It's very well written, and I adore the writer for that. She can switch from Mia's voice to Adam's with great fluency, so smooth it doesn't ever hint that it's a female writer writing a character's voice. It's 100% Adam, the rock star, the suffering musician who is not sure who he is anymore. I love every single word he uses to explain himself, to show readers his heartbreak, beyond his life at the moment. He is flawed, but he's endearing, and kudos for exploring the depth of his soul.

It's more heartbreaking than the first one. I'm getting goosebumps just reading some passages, and I feel so happy when the ending concludes. Love it :)

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