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Jumat, 11 November 2011


It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting on my writing chair, typing. Haven't touched my laptop in what seems like days, and it feels good to finally do it. I also haven't written a blog post in weeks, so my apologies.

It's November, which means it's nearing end of year. I have had so many projects to do this year, and hopefully all of them will surface in the market next year :-) I sincerely love each one of them, and can't wait to see them hit the shelves.

One particular project I'm writing on at the moment is Alice. Alice Bell is an eighteen year old girl from Belfast, Maine, a small city in close proximity to water - by that I mean the sea. She's awkward and quiet, like most of my characters, but she's also something else. I particularly love writing with a small beach city as my setting, it somehow gives off a melancholic aura. Alice has a quirky family, and also a quirky personality, so it's nice to give her more life in the pages :-) for some reasons I can't stop thinking about her, and how nice it'd be to be able to write more about her and who she is and how she lives.

This one's due for May 2012 publication, so we'll see.

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