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Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

(book) Divergent

Have I mentioned how much I love dystopian novels?

That's why I bought this book, despite not being entirely interested in it in the first place. Many compare it to the Hunger Games series, but really it is more similar to Delirium (the aptitude test, the romance, the society, though not the cure).

I like it. I keep thinking about it, wanting to finish it, and it sticks to my mind for a long, long time. I enjoy the book, although there are some parts I find a bit boring, but I can see how they fit and are necessary. The pace is not sluggish, it's not fast either, and the one thing that's so amazing about it is the characters. We see black and white characters, good and evil, but the best is that the main characters are not built that way. We see grey areas, guilt, confusion, disappointment, flaws, and that makes everything real.

I also love the video-game-like action, it's like watching an action movie. Sometimes Dauntless is a bit too gritty for my taste, and if I could belong in a faction I'm probably in Amity or Candor or Erudite (or I could be Divergent, ha!). That being said, I don't entirely support Tris and her peers' actions sometimes, but I can understand them or why they do so.

I also enjoy how relationships unfurl. I especially like the author interview, we can see how passionate and deliberate she planned her book, how intelligent she is. I'm so glad I have Insurgent so I can devour it next. Viva dystopian novels!

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