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Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

(book) Insurgent

 To be honest, I like Divergent more than Insurgent. This one's about rebellion, more on Tris and Tobias's relationship, and defining and discovering oneself outside the factions.

It's still action packed and pretty gripping, though it bothers me that Tris seems to be crying most of the time. It is also annoying to see how much she has changed, more of that noble idiocy (I'm doing this to save you so you don't need to know), and so much secrets Tris is keeping from Tobias, and vice versa. It's really frustrating to see how much they bottle emotions inside and that flaws the strength of their relationship, to a point it crumbles and brings weakness to both sides instead of support.

It's a year till the third book comes out. I honestly don't know what to expect. A war, maybe? I'm glad we get to see more of Candor and Amity in the second book, after being coccooned in the three other factions in the previous book.

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