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Selasa, 07 Oktober 2008

画心 Painted Skin

I love the theme song of the movie Painted Skin :)

作曲:藤原育郎 作词:陈少琪

看不穿 是你失落的魂魄
猜不透 是你瞳孔的颜色
一阵风 一场梦
你的心 到底被什么蛊惑
看桃花 开出怎样的结果
看着你 抱着我 目光似(比)月色寂寞
就让你 在别人怀里快乐
爱着你 像心跳难触摸
画着你 画不出你的骨骼
记着你的脸色 是我等你的执著
你是我 一首唱不完的歌
*(我的心 只愿为你而割舍)

Painted Heart
(Theme song of movie “Painted Skin”)
Music: some Japanese dude.
Lyrics: Chen Shaoqi
Artist: Jane Zhang

Unable to see through your wandering spirit,
Unfathomable, the colour of your pupils
A passing wind, a waking dream
Like life, love remains undefined
Your heart, what confuses it so?
The outline of your body disappears into the night
I watch the cherry blossoms, waiting to see their blooms
I watch you, embracing me, your eyes lonelier than the moonlight
And I let you seek happiness in someone else’s arms
Loving you, untouchable like a heartbeat
Painting you, I cannot paint your skeleton
Remembering your expression, my reason to persist in waiting for you
You are mine, a song that I will never finish singing
*(My heart, only willing to be cut for you)

Lyric credit: sevensies

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