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Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008

The randomest of thoughts

Random everyday banters keep passing through my head. It's like my brain can't stop talking and I just have to listen.

A friend of mine is getting married this Sunday and I haven't seen her in years. 11 years, to be exact. We were middle school classmates. I recall her as this tall and wiry girl with freckles and a shy smile.

That Sunday also happens to be the premiere of ANTM's second episode.

The Sunday eventually leads to some of my childhood friends suddenly texting me. And making me remember every silly thing we did back when we were children. Including fruit nicking that got us into detention. I loved every minute of it - not feeling guilty at all.

I feel bored. All I want is to go home and curl up with a movie and pajamas and lots of junk food.

This morning was so hectic that I barely had the time to check my emails.

Hey, reading rave reviews of Rectoverso makes me want to purchase the book, and the CD. I don't usually buy CDs.

I'm starving, by the way. Although that grill chicken for lunch was prolly the best meal I had this week.

I look mismatch, tired. My curls are semi straight and I didn't have the time to brush it this morning. I hope it looks better tomorrow.

And so on. Honestly, my mind just doesn't shut up.

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