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Sabtu, 15 November 2008

10 things about me

Ten random things you probably don't know about me, in other words, you get to know how wacky the person you're tagging really is. Spill any secrets, come on.

Tagged by Vilia, sorry it took ages.

1. Pengoleksi segala hal aneh

Mulai dari old high school diaries, scraps of papers containing angst poems and illustrations, ide untuk novel, tumpukan cerpen lama gak jelas, perangko tua dari berbagai negara, scarves, books, antique thingies, tas, sepatu... I'm an avid collector of things other people call junks. My mom can't stand that habit I do.

2. Boots

Saya penggemar boots. Ankle boots, especially, karena di Indonesia gak bisa pakai boots tinggi selutut, apalagi yang bahannya denim dan leather karena panas (though they look so cool and are such a waste in my shoe wardrobe). Any colors, grey, white, black, camel brown.. high heeled and pointy. Love 'em.

3. Can't stand liquor, but love them all the same

I love cold sips of champagne. Feel posh drinking wine. But a full glass knocks me out in no time. I once fainted after half a glass of champagne on empty stomach :D

4. Not an animal person

Burung, ayam, hamster, reptil, ikan, anjing, kucing - I only look at them. Don't let me get near them. Petrified to death.

5. Not a morning person. Definitely.

Self explanatory :D

6. A sucker for classic and young adult movies.

Suka sekali dengan film-film tahun 80an, dan film-film remaja. I love the Mighty Ducks, John Hughes movies, film-film dengan kostum jadul that reminds me of my mother in her high school pictures..

7. Terribly messy with numbers.

I prefer words to figures.

8. Suka membuat daftar untuk segala sesuatu

To-do lists, to-write lists, to-watch lists, to-read lists.. semua dijadikan daftar, ditulis di buku, sobekan kertas bekas, ujung dokumen, di handphone.. :D Nanti yang udah selesai di-highlight dan dicentang, terus dibuang. Kalau belum selesai nggak akan dibuang sebelum semuanya tercentang. I'm such a freak sometimes.

9. Not a social person

Susah berkenalan dengan orang baru dan gak pernah merasa nyaman in a room full of strangers :) that's my nature although it improves with time. I used to be one shy unsociable person who never spoke a word that made sense.

10... that's for me to keep and for you to find out (quoting from a book).

Perhaps you want to add to the list? Go ahead.

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