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Minggu, 16 November 2008

My Brisbane

As I was browsing a selection of coats online, I realized I missed something about Brisbane.

The weather.

It's different from our tropical long summer and rainy days. It has its share of cold rainy days, which makes walking to the bus stop and waking up terribly hard to do. I remember being soaked in drizzles, my running shoes wet and all I wanted to do when I got home was soak myself in a warm bathtub and sleep all day - which I didn't because I needed to get the mud off my socks.

At night it's almost always so cold. I remember freezing in my thin Indonesian jackets - those cottons did not help at all. Those were the moments of pretty coats and thick jackets, my favorite Rusty white winter jacket with its fur hoodie, and my knit coat brushing my knee as I walked. And the extremely warm coat of blanket and a pair of gloves.

Brisbane has hail sometimes. There is no snow but the air is cold enough for puffs of air and cracked skin.

I love autumn most, although sometimes it rains too much for my liking. I like watching blurs of grey from the bus window, everyone's clothes hidden beneath their coats and umbrellas. I like watching the sea hurl waves, the sky so dark it almost rains. It's beautiful.

.. and summer. It's always so unbearably hot. I hate walking in dry pavements, feeling the dusty air and sweating profusely. But it's also the time for trips to Gold Coast, and time for wearing the skimpiest of outfits. I love wearing strapless and shorts and sneakers, going to the beach, hunting for shopping sprees, and at night it's the perfect weather to sleep in.

I also miss those golden 2 dollar coins. I miss sliding my bus ticket and showing my student ID. I miss going on late night trips and shopping alone. I miss eating big strawberries with Nutella. Chatting with my friends and locking myself in my room, talking on the phone. I miss library visits, checking out books I reserved.

I miss so much but I am not missing out much.

Still, it's always been my Brisbane. Sometime perhaps I'll relive it all over again.

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