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Minggu, 02 November 2008



1 November 2008, Saturday, 1.24 a.m.

It was a kiss.

It was a kiss to be feared, for it took my breath away. Each breath exchanged spoke a thousand unsaid words. But I felt it as he breathed life into me, and I gave it back to him just so he could survive.

It was a kiss to be savoured. I knew it happened only once in a lifetime, like a pair of starcrossed lovers that only had the chance to meet once, then became stars in the sky, never crossing paths again.

It was a kiss to be remembered, because that was what memory was meant to do. It could memorize every detail like a sponge, bounce it back over and over again so that I would feel the same tingle by remembering it, just as if I were there.

It was a kiss to be mourned over. For the one time our lips touched, we would never be each other’s again. We knew it because it was what decency should be. Logic. Rationality. Not love, because love was never rational.

It was a kiss that joined two bodies. Barely touching but he felt my skin, I felt his and we were both burning with emotions we never ceased to understand. I did not want to figure it out because I did not have to, as long as I could feel them inside of me.

A fiery kiss as good as a passionate embrace, a kiss that was meant to last forever. Except it didn’t. When it ended, he walked away and never looked back. I sat alone like a fool, knowing I was never the same again.

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