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Kamis, 23 Juli 2009

Life's too short for boring books

I caught up with my reading, less with my writing. Here are the books I'm currently devouring:

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey
Thornton Lee Stewart
how I love the series! Much better than other fantasy and young adult adventure books I've read. Suspenseful, and I don't always feel like a grown up in a child's world of puzzle solving.

The Luxe Novel: Envy
I'm going to read the third book in the series, which just came out in paperback. I enjoyed the second book, but found the first one almost unbearable. Hope this one's much better. It's like Gossip Girl in Victorian era, so much juicier and more elegant.

the Secret Garden
Found a still plastic-wrapped Penguin Classics copy in my shelf after watching the movie last Sunday. I loved A Little Princess, and let's hope I enjoy this one as well.

100 classic fairy tales
I've always liked fairy tales about princesses, dragons, handsome princes, witches. The book is packed with 100 abridged versions of these classic tales, filled with beautiful illustrations. One worth collecting.

Lonely Planet Citiescape Asia
I found much use of the Tokyo series. I am reading the Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney next. I'm not fond of traveling, but I do like reading about it. Strange fascination.

I still have a couple of YA fiction and magazines to read. It's my fault I bought too many books in Singapore. Still have a few wishlisted books to buy :)

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