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Sabtu, 18 Juli 2009

long time no see?

So, after these weeks of not writing, lounging around doing nothing (mostly reading endless books and watching endless movies..), I'm unofficially back. A few resolutions I haven't kept:

shop less, window shop more (they don't exactly go hand in hand)
write a couple more good pages (hard to do, and I have so many different projects to work on)
see more movies and read more books for reference (already on progress)
go out more, need a social life (I'm still antisocial most of the time)
read magazines to catch up with things
avoiding big places and splurging on things
attending wedding and engagement parties of friends (did that)
watch Harry Potter (been there, done that)
watch Public Enemies (yay, next week, OK?)
meet my Fasity friends for a Lancome mascara launching event (yes!)
work, work, work (haven't I done that these recent months!?)

As you can see... I'm deliriously busy, yet so deliriously free. But it's good to be back.

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