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Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Book Review: Dumont's Lexicon of Wine

Beli buku ini waktu diskon 30% di Gramedia.
Tujuan awalnya seperti waktu beli buku-buku non fiksi lain; untuk belajar.

Quite interesting, though this is an old edition, reprinted in 2006. Therefore there are 5 years for development and growth that the book does not cover.

The topic is quite extensive and quite easy to understand, even though it uses complicated vocabulary that does not always make it easy for readers to skim through. Each chapter covers the topic nicely, though not in so much details. The book itself covers the production of wine, regions, producers, taste, smell, appreciating wine, combining wine with food, articles from well known sommelier and even a bit of recipes.

Overall, fun and a nice short guide book. Does it make me know more about wine? Yes, but I've found more in other books and the Internet. Does it make me more fluent in elaborating about wine (in terms of theory)? Not so much.

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