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Rabu, 19 Desember 2007

Pretty in Pink

Udah lama ga nulis ttg fashion inspiration dan reference. Well when I woke up this morning a wonderful movie started screening on HBO. The title is Pretty in Pink. You might've heard of it. It's a classic teen love story made in the 1986 (when I was born, so it's a good 21 years ago), starring the fashionista actress Molly Ringwald and the cute actor Andrew McCarthy.

The story revolves around the life of a 18 years old girl (Andie) whose mom walked out on her and her unemployed father. She lives in this cute little house with an attic room that she is embarrassed to be seen in. Well you see, she's poor. And she makes do by buying secondhands and fixing them with her sewing machine, so they look as gorgeous as ever. Kebanyakan temen2nya di sekolah elite menghina Andie karena kemiskinan dan bajunya yang nyentrik. Her only best friends are Jenna (who died soon after the movie), and Duckie (a boy who has a big crush on her). She falls in love with a 'richie' named Blane, but they have status difference so everyone does not accept their relationship.

Standard story made into such a nice plot with clever conversations and cute girlish drama. I love the movie! At first I don't really feel like watching an oldies movie, but it turns out to be such a pleasure.

Now the fashion things. I gotta say, baju2nya bener2 top banget.. which is also why I keep watching the movie. Andie makes her clothes: T front black tank top topped with ivory crocheted sweater, pointy shoes and big trapeze dresses, big bags and swingy hairs.. I notice Andie wears a lot of hats - these plain big ones with a flower perched on the sides. Or the girls wear baggy dresses in stripy patterns. They look fantastic! Beberapa pakai jaket kegedean yang super trendy dipadukan dengan dalaman mini dress. Juga jaket polos dengan enamel brooch warna-warni. Iona, who plays Andie's best friend, wears a man's cropped jacket with high waisted pants. So cool!

They also wear a lot of leggings and tights, or skinny pants with flowery patterns. They look gorgeous. I wish I have pictures, but I dont have a lot. The attire is so inspiring though, I wish I still lived in the 80s.

Watch the movie if you have a chance. You'll love it.

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