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Kamis, 06 Desember 2007


I don't know what possesses me to write this - a chapter of my new project..

It is one fine autumn day when the strangest thing happens.

I am sitting in one of the swings in the park, not far from my neighborhood, reading a book. It is one of those days when I do not feel like doing my homework, and I am just too lazy to do my daily chores. Instead I slip through the back kitchen door and pretend I am still napping. Mother will never know as long as I do not make noise.

It is almost twilight, but the sunshine is still warm on my face. I rock myself back and forth on the swing, barely concentrating on the words blurring in front of my eyes. Orange leaves flutter down to my hair, my hands, my book, my lap, and I watch them in silence.

Suddenly I feel Daichi’s little whisper. Right then I know that it is not meant for me, but I cannot help penetrating his thoughts and seeing more. His wall of defense crumbles, provoking me to do my part of swimming into his mind. I sit still on my swing and listen closely, opening my mind to a scene.

I close my eyes.

Two figures stand close together, facing each other. The girl’s long hair is softly blown by the breeze, and she is smiling. The boy has one hand on her hand, another resting on her cheek. The sky seems a combination of magenta and purple behind them, tinged with orange and blues. I watch, careful not to make a sound. This kind of thing has never happened to me before, unlike the usual telepathy whispers and mind reading. This is new.

Slowly but quickly, the boy leans forward.

I feel nearly unconscious, feeling the mix of emotions that probably belongs to the boy, a shadow I cannot see clearly but know who he is. I can sense his heartbeat, his nervous smile, and his love. As for the girl, she is a big blur of happiness that I cannot help noticing.

I do not know how to describe what I am feeling the moment it happens. I simply feel numb, my head tilts slightly as I count to three.

When it is all over, I open my eyes and see Tetsuya in front of me, looking deeply concerned.

“Are you alright?”

I give him a slow nod, unable to stop bewilderment from showing on my face.

“What happened? It looks as if you lost yourself there.”

“I did,” I say breathlessly.

Tetsuya is still watching me intently, but I can only stare back at him, utterly speechless, as the kiss that Daichi and Sumire shared still burning on my lips.


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