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Senin, 24 Maret 2008

(movie) Vantage Point

Bagaimana jadinya jika Anda sedang berdiri di sebuah atraksi turis di Spanyol, memandang presiden Amerika di atas podium dan tiba-tiba mendengar suara tembakan, diikuti dengan ledakan hebat....?

Well I'm very curious about this movie. At first I didn't really feel like watching it, but as the film credits started and the first ten minutes rolled.. I was gripped. Literally. As the president was shot and the bombings took place, they simply acted as a reminder for the audience to show that this was a serious film and that we should take notice.

The last 23 minutes that changed everything were replayed in five different versions - first, a GNN crew giving instructions to camera staffs and her reporter. Second, a guard for the president who was shot and took recovery and resumed his dangerous task, despite everyone not believing in his credibility. Third, a tourist recording everything with his video camera. Fourth, a police working for the mayor accidentally involved with the whole scandal. And fifth, the president watching his double being shot on national television.

Simply full of action. Superb casting, I can't believe anyone would suit the roles better than William Hurt, Dennis Quaid and Forest Whittaker. At first they considered Jack Nicholson, Kevin Costner, and Will Smith respectively.. but they would've made the movie very Hollywood :)

It's too bad Tom Cruise didn't make it as Kent Taylor the villain, he was perfect for the role although it would've made him stand out in the crowd too much - which we wouldn't really mind.

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