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Jumat, 07 Maret 2008

Two days of comfort food

This long weekend certainly tones down my crazy hectic weekdays. I went shopping with my Mom - after what seemed like ages since we did exactly that. I bought her a pair of Charles and Keith white sandals, and I treated myself to this oversized synthetic bag with snakeskin patterns in beige. I never really owned bags in beige and cream and brown, so this one's a first. It's huge, loads of my stuffs can easily scramble themselves inside it.

Carrefour was a mess, as usual. I've got tons of free vouchers to spend so I went to the Maybelline counter to splurge on blush on shades. I'm crazy about blushers. I then bought a couple of educational DVDs, Yoga DVDs, and a children's book of Bibles with nice papers and illustrations and hardcover. I'm back to exercising regularly so I'm gonna need that DVD.

However, it didn't stop me from eating my comfort food. Billy took me to Izzi Pizza - 50% off till end of March, and ate two pans of pizza, a plate of cheese dough balls and this very delicious set of spaghetti. Dried, with splashes of spicy paper, prawns and olive oil and basil. Yum! We were practically bursting with all the food we stuffed.

Today I had penne carbonara. Penne with oversplurged cheese, garlic breads, milky sauce and ham. I can never resist unhealthy comfort food. I guess I should spend the next weekdays running on the treadmill again :)

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