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Minggu, 27 April 2008

(movie) The Other Boleyn Girl

3.5 stars, actually.

I should have read the book before seeing the movie, but even from the plot I can see that this should have been an intricate and complicated work of art.

Let me begin with the story first. Anne is portrayed by Natalie Portman - she is the elder of the two (although I think in history, she was actually younger than Mary). Anne is hot tempered, quick witted and outspoken. When she was banished to France after secretly marrying a duke, she turned evil and cunning - learning about how to reach the top in the political and social cycle. Mary, on the other hand, is a soft spoken and gentle woman. She was married but when a turn of events made the king fell for her, she had to be sent to court and became the mistress of the king.

Anne, who was angry because it was first plotted that she should steal the king's attention, devised a plot to be queen. However, when she attempted to impregnate herself through incest, she was beheaded and taken down from her position.

I can't even tell you the whole story, it is very complicated. The movie is well made and the costumes and setting are excellent, however I do not see many complications. I only see conflicts and not many facts are implied.

Natalie Portman does own the stage. She steals the show and is in so much control that it's brilliant to watch her act. Scarlett, equally mesmerizing as Portman, does her part well as Mary. However I am disappointed in Eric Bana. As the king, he completely shrinks whenever Portman is in the scene. He does not stand out much, and I think his character could actually show more emotions - complications in his eyes and expression.

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