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Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012

(manga) Runway Sweetheart

Original title: Runway no Koibito
Written by: Shibano Yuka
Illustrated by: Tanaka Wataru

This is my new guilty pleasure.

It's the second time I read a manga on modelling, the first one being ParaKiss. I love this one to bits, at first I was attracted to the sweet cover with its pink background. I've learnt not to rely on covers alone to judge a manga though, so I didn't buy it the first time I saw it. But then, I got to see glimpses of the manga when I stumbled upon an opened one, and was so in love with the artwork that I bought both published volumes at once.

What a story.

I love the main character, Yui, who's both strong and fragile. The story is intricate and detailed, and it is rare to see a very unique character. The author and the illustrator manage to succesfully convey her emotions, her fears, and her monologue into the story, and the artwork also beautifully supports this. I feel like being sucked into Yui's world, and sympathize with her.

I wouldn't say I'm knowledgeable in the modelling business, but I've read enough books and seen enough shows about the fashion business to understand what Yui and Aki are going through. The catty competition, the importance of getting an audition and getting the job as a runway model, and the difference between a commercial model versus a high fashion model. Talent, hard work, discipline, it all folds into one.

I'm also quite happy that it's only 3 volumes :) I'm waiting for the third and last! Can't wait

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