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Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

My Top 5 Games for iPod

I got myself an iPod Touch based on many friends' recommendations on Twitter, since I broke my old Zen MP3 player and my pink Shuffle's storage capacity could not fit all the songs I wanted to play. It turned out to be the correct choice, since the classic iPod is nowhere as fun as the new Touch, which is so sleek and compact it's easy to carry around.

I've been downloading games and apps off iTunes, but my Top 5 game choices go to some I really enjoy playing during my past time and couldn't get enough of even if I try.

1. Snoopy's Street Fair

image courtesy of slidetoplay.com

This one's free when I downloaded it, but it's a large file (over 100MB), which takes a while to load. Playing it is also free, but you can use cash to buy Snoopy coins or dollars, which I did once to get all the players complete as it takes ages to collect the dollars to be able to complete the characters in the fair. The concept is fairly simple, you start a small fair with stalls in Charlie Brown's neighborhood, guided by Patty. Snoopy is around to jump on leaf piles and collect sets from the trading card. These sets are complete if you manage to get certain items that pop out when you collect coins from the stalls.

There are various stalls you can open, from the basic soda can machine to a real neat pinball machine. Some are cheap and easily built within minutes, some takes millions of coins and days to finish building, but of course the proceeds are a lot more. The fun stuffs are the characters, starting from the curly haired Frieda, the sullen Lucy, pretty Emily, geeky and bashful Marcie, weird kid Frankie, tomboy Royanne, and so many more. Charlie Brown will go around saying hi, and each of the characters always has something different to say to him (his sister will tell him off, and Emily will blow Charlie a kiss, for instance, and Lucy will ask for five cents).

It's also fun poking at the kids walking around the neighborhood visiting stalls. We can read their thoughts or have them say hi (or snap at you when you poke them more than 3 times). It's interactive, and it's fun. After reaching 100%, we jump to the next level, with more garden decorations, more stalls, more characters, and upgrades (both character and expansion) available.

Charlie also provides a few wisdom on his own. We also get to decorate his house, his garden, and the lawns in the neighborhood with some funky Woodstock playground tools and gardening tools. I've been playing for over 40 days and so far still on level 20. Four more percent till the next level, and I'll get a new character, Shermy!

2. Fashion Fix

image courtesy of iTunes

OK, this one's a bit shallow because all the character Romi does is get dressed in beautiful clothes and have people judge her for her looks. But it's pure fashion fun just for the sake of it, and a nice styling guide as well as a game just to test how far our fashion IQ goes.

We get 50 levels with different difficulties and occasions for Romi, starting from Modelville, Party Glam, Picnic, Beach, Movie Date, Blind Date, Makeover, Shopping Spree, Audition, etc. We need to follow her conversations with other characters to see how she needs to dress for the occasion, and what each specific event requires her to do and how to dress. We can change her makeup (mascara, lipstick, powder shades and eyeshadow), as well as her outfits (usually the outer, blouse, skirt/dress, shoes and hair style), complete with the accessories (necklace, hats, bags, stockings or socks, scarves). The colors vary from pastel to brights to dark, from plain to floral and stripes.

After having fun choosing the cutest outfit, Romi will then go out and we will get rated. Either the guy will go home early (below 100 scores) or he will notice her and ask her out (above 100 scores). The scores vary according to our ability to mix and match, and color coordinate. Romi can also win fashion shows, score auditions, or be a model.

It's Korean based but I think with an American collaboration, so the fashion is stylish and cute. Just as fun as magazines.

3. Where's My Perry
image courtesy of freeipodapp.com

This one's addicting. It's supposedly based on a cartoon show I never watch. Perry is this grumpy detective animal needing to get across the sewer and get sucked in one of the secret pumps. He's trapped in a glass lab somewhere and we need to make holes so that water can get through and get him pumped out.

The thing is, water can be sucked out by evil machines, or be wasted if we make the wrong waterways. He'll be waiting for ages without water and we lose the game.

Unfortunately, the first level only consists of a few games and it needs further upgrading (and cash, I suppose), to be able to proceed to the next game.

4. Dr. Awesome

image courtesy of ithinkdiff.com

The name sounds corny, and it's a corny game but one that gets my heart thumping because I need to stop patients from getting infected.

The premise is simple: there is a neverending case of patients coming into the hospital, with 3 main infections. All we need to do is eradicate them all by moving the iPod around and creating a smaller space for them to live in. Once we reach 75% and the space gets smaller or the viruses get cut, the patient is cleared off that virus. Do that 3 times and his life is spared. Fail 3 times and he's said to be 'expired'. So far I have a few expired patients, but fortunately as Dr. Awesome, I did manage to save quite a few lives :-)

There are 3 main characters: a real loud male doctor lecturing on Dr. Awesome every time he makes mistakes, a stern and cheerful nurse, a female doctor always sniping about her being better than Awesome.

The viruses also get worse with each patient. There are viruses that blow up little snippets of shots to destroy the antivirus, and there are little spider viruses going along and will be lethal when touched. The antivirus is not supposed to make contact with the virus.

It's fun, and it's free, but it gets you weary after a while.

5. Song Pop
image courtesy of blog.games.com

Now this is a game I usually beat people on. We pick an opponent (whoever's online really, or friends), and battle it out. Guess a song in each genre we choose, based on the first few seconds the song's played. It's tricky if we are unfamiliar with the genre (hip hop for me) or have never heard the song at all (so we take a wild guess). It's fun for people who love music and guessing games.

A score is kept and we can keep unlocking new genres as soon as we complete the first ones. It's free but the game offers new and more levels with payment.

Honorable mentions: I also enjoy Space Angry Birds, NY Nights, and Boss.

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