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Senin, 24 September 2007

Euphoria and a supermarket list

Euphoria - a happiness that exaggerates - more like a burst of hyper energies.
That's what I'm feeling right now. I just got back from Glodok, bought a new DVD player (not for me), and a couple of DVDs (for me):
- Secrets (Jay Chou. I've wanted to see the movie for so long, since I saw the poster in Hong Kong. This is his debut in directing a movie).
- Elizabethtown (watched it with my best friend before I went back from Aussie, years ago, and I felt like collecting it as a memento).
- Candy Candy (say, childhood memories?)
Last night I actually finished writing Ai. I was so scared I would disappoint, because I am not sure which ending will satisfy everyone. I did my best, and I realized I really liked all the characters while writing their stories, each one absorbed my energy and soul when I tried pouring down their feelings. Ordinary human beings with emotions and love - a story on friendship. I am currently editing the whole draft, adding research and stuffs.
I went down to the minimarket during the weekend. It's been a long time since I did my grocery shopping alone. When I was living alone in Brisbane, I did my shopping at least weekly, snatching junk foods on sale. And then I am reminded of the old times, of my precious weekly supermarket list.
- two bars of Dove (dark chocolate, please).
- a bag of marshmallows
- M&M's (peanut and original)
- a bottle of milk/yogurt/water
- a magazine, sometimes
- a bag of Doritos
- a box of Cheezels
- a pack of instant Miso Soups
- a few Indomie or ramen
- a Hallmark card
- mudcake for breakfast
um... there must be at least a few healthy things on my list, right? but no.. there aren't really.
Those bring back memories :)

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