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Jumat, 28 September 2007

(movie) Secret

This is Jay Chou's directorial debut in a movie - he writes the script and directs the movie. This is a story of a music student named Xiang Lun (Lun), who meets a girl named Xiao Yu (which means rain) on his first day in a new school. He hears a music playing and he is immediately attracted to her - who's playing the piano. However, she keeps the song title a secret to him. They begin spending time together, and fall in love, but one day she goes missing after a misunderstanding and comes back on his graduation day. Then secrets begin spilling - he has to choose which path to take.

Of couse I won't spoil the ending here, but I will comment on the movie, which is hard to review, actually. The movie is not bad. I give an A to the cinematography, the way the camera moves, the way things are zoomed in, the location and setting, all are way smooth and very nice on the eyes. However, at the beginning there is no chemistry between Lun and Yu (they attract each other but the audience CANNOT feel it). The dialogues are a little twisted - sweet, but often a little twisted. Mei Guey, who played Yu, cannot transform herself to become the character (she's OK after a while though), and the character is a little annoying to me. She's agressive but she's fragile, it's very ironic. Jay keeps a straight, expresionless face throughout the entire movie.

Enough critics, moving on with the good stuffs. The music is beautiful, and the plot is OK (although very jumpy from one scene to the next). The whole movie itself is worth watching.

Rating: 8/10

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