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Jumat, 16 November 2012

(movie) Breaking Dawn part 2

I have to admit I'm not a fan of the Twilight Saga movies, although I love the first book and lose interest as soon as I read the second and third (I haven't read the fourth installment yet). However, after a change in directors, I find that the movie has become a lot better, especially in style and maturity, although the latter might be due to the content of the book and the development of plot as well as the characters.

I love Bill Condon's flair. As the director of the last two movies, I find his directing style beautiful and heartfelt, especially the opening and ending scenes. The music by Carter Burwell is amazing as always, and I love a glimpse of A Thousand Years playing at the end, because it's so fitting. My only complaint is of the choppy editing that combines the comedic and grimy scenes almost simultaneously, giving us that awkward pause every now and then.

In this last installment, Bella has transformed into a vampire, and has to protect her child Renesmee from the Volturi clan that plans to destroy them after a false claim from Irina regards Renesmee as an Immortal Child (an infant turned vampire instead of the child of a vampire and a human). Many new characters are introduced, some quite memorable.

The finale and the climax of the movie is actually quite satisfying, especially for me, having not read the book so I come without any expectations and am spoiler free. The battle is gruesome and a bit horrifying, but the outcome is satisfactory. I can feel all the casts try their best to fill their roles, and I don't find Kristen Stewart emotionless anymore, as she now has scenes that require her to act angry, sad, helpless, strong, smug, and hopeful at the same time. Those emotions don't come across as perfect or pretty sometimes, but I find her likeable and that she has this quality that makes me able to relate to her character.

It is compelling to watch Bella transform before our eyes. As the last scene unfolds, the audience gets to see it in scenes from the previous movie - the meek, timid Bella falling in love with Edward, and how their love overcomes hardships, their breakup, their reconciliation, their marriage, and what becomes of them in the end. I feel that it is truly the perfect ending to the saga, to remind us of what they had, and how we, as the audience as well as readers, were along for the ride.

It's definitely not the best, but it was fun while it lasted. I'm gonna miss Twilight, and I think I might reread all the books :)

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