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Sabtu, 24 November 2012

(book) All About Me: Father Christmas by Juliette and John Atkinson


Through previously unseen private diaries, full of fascinating anecdotes spanning hundreds of years, discover where Santa Claus lives and how he manages the elves in his gift production workshops at the North Pole. Find out how Santa has changed his costumes with the years; his strict adherence to The Sleighway Code, as he and his reindeer hurtle through the sky.

Enjoy learning about the festive customs and celebrations that others take part in across the world. Ever wondered when or why Christmas trees, crackers and pudding became part of the special day? Find the answers to these questions, as well as a world exclusive look at Santa’s favourite treat – Snowmints!

Exquisitely illustrated, All About Me is a truly magical celebration of Christmas for everybody. Full of secrets and hidden surprises such as a pop-up snowflake, a secret letter, recipes, a sixpence and much, much more.


I used to have this book on the secret world of Santa, and loved it so much i kept it as a keepsake after more than 10 years. I remember that it was a wonder to read about the lives of elves and Santa we didn't know about, and this one has a similar theme, but using Father Christmas's own journal entries and memorabilias.

I guess I'm getting into the spirit of Christmas, which is a month away.

This one i got as a book depository deal and couldnt pass it up. So beautiful with red hardcover and lavish illustrations, it is indeed a gem I will pass on to my kids. There are 96 pages in total and they're so beautiful I stroke each page and can't help but fall in love with each. The book covers food, sleigh ride, reindeers, elves, the technicalities of presents to kids and letters to Santa, the life of Father Christmas and his wife, Christmas trees, songs, festivities, and everything about Christmas. It's a delight to read. This one is a rather improved version, with mentions of Harry Potter, Wii and computers (and GPS!). We get to roll our eyes sometimes at Father Christmas's sense of humor, but in the end it's a really nice touch, with torn tickets, recipes, and other keepsakes from Santa's journals such as a silver coin, the largest snowflake in the world, photos, and handwritten letters.

It's a wonderful gift and one that someone can cherish for a long, long time. All you have to do is believe :)

4 out of 5 stars.

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