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Minggu, 11 November 2012

When you catch the flu...

1. Eat lots of comfort food: homemade chicken soup, a bar of Hershey's, fruits and vegetables.
2. Curl up in bed reading a hardback copy of your favorite book.
3. Play Hay Day all day waiting for your crops to be ready for harvest.
4. Listen to iPod.
5. Watch DVDs.
6. Read comic books.
7. Sleep all day.
8. Get a beauty regime - exfoliate, moisturize, homemade hair spa, manicure.
9. Drink vitamins and cold drops.
10. Go online shopping.
11. Write on your blog.
12. Catch up on magazines.
13. Tweet.
14. Drink lots of water.
15. Sleep early and get up late.

That's what I did :)

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