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Rabu, 21 November 2012

(movie) Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings

I so love a good Disney movie, especially the Tinkerbell franchise. Ever since Peter Pan, I am fascinated by the world of fairies and I've never missed a Tinker Bell movie. The first one is my favorite, and the third one is disappointing, but this one comes close to being my all time favorite. I'm amazed that a simple yet original premise can pop out of the whole fairy thing.

This time, Tinkerbell has a (twin) sister, born out of the same laugh. But she's a Winter Fairy, and they cannot cross borders or their wings will either wilt or break from freezing. The balance of both worlds is thrown into chaos when they attempt to cross each other's world safely with the help of their friends.

As usual, the story is strong and heartfelt, with fascinating characters and a wonderful, gorgeous animation to look at. The visuals are so stunning it is simply a beauty to watch. The first ones show the beauty of spring, summer and autumn, so I'm glad they show winter as well, which is my favorite season (other than fall).

The winter is amazing - mostly blue and white, and the creatures are also different. I didn't realize there were two fairy worlds separated like that, but this must be a new idea because we were never properly introduced to winter.

There is a new set of characters, from Lord Milori, Sled, Dewey, and of course new Winter fairies. Periwinkle is cute - a perfect counterpart of Tinkerbell, and I'm sure I'll be looking out for the next movie(s) with a different adventure.

Verdict? 4 out of 5 stars, a perfect movie for a bedresting day. Must see for kids (or people who love fairies, like me).

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