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Sabtu, 10 November 2012

My Christmas Wishlist 2012

Christmas is less than eight weeks away and I'm here nitpicking what will be inside my Christmas stockings...

Our family is not big on celebrating Christmas. For me, Christmas is a little tradition I personally keep in my heart, usually by going to the morning service to pray and look at the beautiful decorations, listen to the beautiful choir, and play Christmas songs all day to myself. It also involves setting up a huge Christmas tree in our store, and think up wonderful gifts for our customers, sometimes also Christmas dining ideas. We do not exchange gifts underneath the tree or have the house decorated in lavish greens and reds, although when I have my own family I'm sure we will practice that tradition for our kids. For me, Christmas in something to look forward to, just because.

It makes me excited about the prospect of shopping for Christmas when I browse through BookDepository's early Christmas shopping gift offers, complete with recommended gifts for her, for him, for a Secret Santa and also a wishlist. I adore BookDepository a lot, it's my one stop shopping place for books and anything book/stationary related. I also joined their 24 hours offers last night and got 3 books: Wonderstruck, the Dead Room (I don't read murder mystery/thriller on paperback often but the synopsis is too juicy to pass up), and All About Me. The last one is a book on Santa, filled with personalized letters. I happen to have a little book about Santa, one of the remaining treasures from my childhood I could not bear to leave behind. I love everything about Santa.

That being said, I have a couple of things for my wishlist. It's just for fun, and I'll probably tick the things off the list one by one in time, as presents for myself whenever I need a cheering up.

All images below are taken from bookdepository.co.uk

A lace dress (or two)

My new fashion fetish is lace. I adore everything lace, from a lace cardigan, a brocade shrug, a salmon-colored tube dress, lace shoes, lace everythings.

A new hardback journal

I carry a leather-cover journal everyday, although it's mostly for work. Can't live without lists, and lists don't exist without the journal. However, I'd like to resume my days of journal-writing. I haven't found the perfect book yet, and I haven't found the words to write yet.

I love journals, diaries and notepads. I browse through them continuously on bookstores and gift stores, and probably buy one every time I visit a store. They're used for my fiction, articles, ideas, work, letters to a friend, etc.

I have never owned a Moleskine before and am eyeing the limited edition Peanuts or the Little Prince 2013 diaries.

These film and book-themed journals are also a fun way to jot down the tracks of my life based on what I watch and read.


I never tire of them. Here are a few most-wanted books of the moment. Will collect them soon.

Books about art

I love books about film, behind-the-scenes, art and the history of said art. I also love books about ideas and creativities, little fun philosophies.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Snow Globe

I love everything related to snow globes. I don't collect them, but I do love the tiny snowflakes or little glitters  upside down, filling the space inside the globe.

I also love Peanuts, so this one's a nice perk.

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